Monday, 22 March 2010

Suruma is called as 'ohal' in unani medicine technology.Kohal is the sufool [ fine powder] , applied on the eyes or on to the inner surface of the eyelid, with the help of a thin stick or at times applied in a solution form mixed with water or oil for the base.

It is a fine powder form of the medicinal preperation used externally to strengthen the eyesight and to cure certain eye ailments.

Suruma & Islam

As a tradition, muslims usually regard suruma as a auspicious and apply it daily in their eyes especially before they go for namaz.

Suruma can thus described as a greyish black coloured shiny stone, which is rubbed on the hard surface like stone or tile.Suruma obtained from the mountain rocks, situated in saudi arabia .It contains mica, lead & graphite, which is available in the form of stone and is then made into a powder form.The best quality stone is hard and is rubbed on a hard surface into powder for its application with a clear finger tip.
Suruma just as a greyish black shiny powder which when applied to the eyes initially produced a lot of burning sensation but gradually after some time we could actually feel our eyes become sparkingly clear .